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Our guild's new Alliance

ooc_chris / Mar 29, 2019
Greetings Adventurers,

  As I had mentioned in our other thread, I was in discussions to join our guild to a larger alliance, and after chatting, and playing with the 'Neverember's Guard' for a few days, we asked, and they accepted to let up join.

  Much like in Star Trek Online, an alliance can have 13 Guilds, and we were granted a 'Sword Guild' status, which is very nice placement considering that we haven't unlocked very much of our Guild Stronghold.

  The Alliance is level 15,  which we can certainly help boost by working in on leveling up our own guild.

  So far, it has been nice to see so many players online and chatting in [Alliance] chat.

Chris / Rhett
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