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Greetings all,

  I was glad to see that not only did Cryptic put together a few April Fools jokes for Star Trek Online (involving the Tribble Darts and the Gorn of Discovery) but they took the time to code a fun one into Neverwinter as well- [Someone likes Gorn puns, and Horse puns....]

With talks and whispers of Undermountain floating around Neverwinter, Lukan (the unstable illusionist from the Cloaked Ascendancy) has overheard all the rumors that Halaster Blackcloak is the Maddest Mage around. Well, Lukan’s a neigh-sayer, and he’s ready to knock Halaster off his high horse and show all of Neverwinter who is really the maddest around! Some may think it’s a foal’s errand to challenge a mage like Halaster, but Lukan is willing to make a foal of himself to prove that he’s no one-trick pony.

But we’ll stop stalling and get to the mane event! In a spur of the moment decision, Lukan has cast a spell on all the mounts in Neverwinter. And we mean all the mounts! Not just the mare mounts, but the whirlwinds and the constructs mounts too.

I couldn't resist going for a quick ride about with my characters before work today-

Chris / Rhett
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