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#14003573 Mar 29, 2019 at 11:21 AM
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Good day Champions,

Lately while playing Neverwinter, I have tried to dust off some of my half finished campaigns and complete them to unlock the boons, etc.

Another thing that is quite dusty is our Guild Stronghold. We had completed the Lumber yard so we have a steady influx of wood, and turned our sights to the Farm so we would have a steady influx of food. However, at that point we became fascinated by newer shiny content, and hadn't made much progress contributing to that goal.

This week I started running the Daily Quests from the stronghold staff, especially Keeping the Peace, and completing 3 Heroic Encounters as they are pretty fast to complete with good rewards for the stronghold. (Just fighting monsters in the area around the stronghold give good fuel for projects, like certificates for '100 Frozen Treasures', etc that we use to build structures. [We feed those into the Coffer, which is the Mimic Chest in the stronghold, so they can be used for projects.]
What Heroic encounters can you do? Any that say 'Attack' can be easily soloed by level 70s. So, Devil Attack, Spider Attack, etc. If we can get some folks doing those, we can make progress on our Farm, and Stronghold!

Other ways to help:
I have been gathering Astral Diamond Crates which can be donated to the stronghold (and I can keep the 'real' Astral Diamonds for my purchases.
I have been Jewel Crafting Black Opal Gems, and each one donated yields 100 'Gems' for the Guild Coffer.

When I collect green equipment, I put that in the coffers for 'Surplus Equipment.' As you might imagine, running Heroic Encounters gives you lots of green loot and items that can be donated to the coffers.

To unlock the Farm, we are looking to get more:
Surplus Equipment, Gems, Shards of Power, Frozen Treasures, and Dark Gifts

Let me know if you have other questions either in Neverwinter or on these forums and I'll see you online.

Chris / Rhett
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#14058107 Apr 18, 2019 at 04:29 PM
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I often hear more general questions about Strongholds in our Alliance chat, so I am posting a guide here that has some good information.

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