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#14000229 Mar 26, 2019 at 05:05 PM
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Neverwinter is an easy game to come back to, though some things have changed (and we have a large expansions coming Spring 2019.)

Where to (re)start:
-Grear: If you start the Barovia Campaign, in the beginning, you will be given armor, gear, weapons, and enchantments. For most players who have been away, this is a substantial improvement to their gear from long ago. Good bet is to complete the intro, get the gear, and go back to finish out Shanadar and the Engine campaigns.
Some players keep Barovia starting gear for a long time, especially the chest and rings which increase your damage %, the weapons are normally replaced after a while with Seals of the Brave purchasing the Primal weapons. Barovia Hunts drop very good gear, but are challenging and will be replaced with the gear from the new expansion because of the level increase.
I wouldn't increase/refine you gear past purple until you see expansion gear.

-Crafting and Workshop have changed: I recommend you search YouTube as Rainer has some excellent workshop videos

With the new expansion coming, and level cap being raised to 80:
-With M16 coming you'll want to save as much AD and refinement points/materials as you can (Running regular Demo can farm 100k/day easy making free keys in the Underdark campaign window.

-In M16 there is an enchantment exchange so I wouldn't buy or sell any enchants. Builds will completely change in M16 so I wouldn't follow any build guides too closely right now.

-Work on any campaigns you have not finished. They will probably be harder to do in M16.

I try to check updates on Reddit, and they have some good information:

-Chris / Rhett
#14003552 Mar 29, 2019 at 10:34 AM
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To add more detail to what I posted before, as I have had a few questions about "How do I get to Barovia-"

Knox will give you 'Unwelcome Guests'. it's a pretty straightforward quest that constitutes the 'intro' to the Ravenloft, and gets you access to Barovia.
If you are having trouble defeating the foes at the start, you can largely stand back and let the npc's handle the combat for you, then just ride your way through to Barovia, have a quick chat with Strahd, and then proceed to the village, where you'll speak to Ezmerelda, and receive a free set of Vistani gear. it's not the best gear in the game, but it's pretty good and it'll give you a boost to begin progressing. It comes with a pre-chosen and pre-slotted rank 8 enchantments (if this is the first character you've collected it on.)

A good next step is the 'Vault of the Nine'. this will get you the sigil artifact specific to your class. (Once you unlock this artifact, all characters on your account can use it.

As you are refining things, with Module 16 coming later in April(?) I wouldn't refine may artifacts of gear past Purple, until we know more of the plan-

You can work on some campaigns to unlock books that will be useful now, and in module 16 with the new boon system.
I would recommend completing 'maze engine', 'underdark', 'sharandar', and 'dread ring', as they will not be hard with the Vistani set at your disposal.

-Chris / Rhett
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